About Us

The Education and Cultural Exchange Program began in 2013 blending the cultural and academic exchange experience into one well-rounded opportunity for middle and high-school-aged international students.  Combining the cultural experience of living with a volunteer host family and the traditional academic expectations of the F-1 program, ECEP is affordably priced and gives the broadest possible experience to international exchange students.



ECEP is lovingly guided by Program Director Monique Grice.  Monique has been in the international exchange field since 1996 and has hosted many students herself in various programs over the years.  The staff and coordinators at ECEP are passionate about the students and the mission of “promoting global diversity through education and cultural exchange”.



Kassandra Eyer, Student Services Administrator and Group Program Facilitator, has been working with ECEP since August of 2017. She developed a passion for student exchange and loves meeting all of our students. Kassandra believes as we become more of a global society, that the knowledge of of the world around us is increasingly important.