About Us


The Education and Cultural Exchange Program began in 2013 blending the cultural and academic exchange experience into one well-rounded opportunity for middle and high-school-aged international students.  Combining the cultural experience of living with a volunteer host family and the traditional academic expectations of the F-1 program, ECEP is affordably priced and gives the broadest possible experience to international exchange students.


Gaylen Tracy

Director of High School Programs

Mr. Tracy is the new Director of High School Programs.He is originally from Simla, Colorado and currently resides in Arkansas. Gaylen and his family started hosting exchange students in 2004. He began working as a local coordinator in 2004 and has worked in Student Exchange ever since. Gaylen has first -hand knowledge of all facets of the international student exchange industry. He is excited to bring his experience and enthusiasm to ECEP.

Janet Gregory

Student Support Administrator

Janet is the new Student Support Administrator. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois and currently resides with her husband and two German Shepherds in Arkansas. In 2008, Janet and her family hosted their first exchange student. She has committed her career to the exchange industry ever since. She is delighted to be part of continuing the mission of ECEP and looks forward to getting to know everyone who shares her passion for international students and the families who open their lives and homes to these extraordinary kids.